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"A New Twist in Our Bedding"
The Premiere Rodent Enrichment Bedding and
Nesting Material

FREE Set of SCOOPS upon request while supplies last.


With our custom stainless steel SCOOPS, you can quickly and accurately dispense up to 8 grams per scoop of ALPHA-twist nesting material for pennies per cage.

Making your workflow easy and efficient.

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The animals transform the mini-rolls into a soft nesting material.

ALPHA-twist™ is comprised of twisted multi-layered paper
that is chopped into short lengths. Once in a cage, rodents
unfurl and manipulate them into fluffy nests.

Features and Benefits:

• Maximum Environmental Enrichment: Species specific
behaviors are nurtured and enhanced through the unrolling of
the material for use in nest building. One roll of ALPHA-twist™
can be unrolled into a 5 inch strand of paper!

• Customized Dosage: Technicians can custom dose each
cage with an exact amount of material to satisfy a particular
cage or housing arrangement. Other cotton based nesting
materials are pre-cut into individual doses which limit
flexibility and cost reduction procedures.

• Economical: One bag of ALPHA-twist™ can provide enrichment for over 1400
standard cages. The cost per cage for exceptional enrichment is less than traditional
cotton based nesting enrichment items.

• Safer to Use: ALPHA-twist is safer to use due to its low dust content and
the absence of long cotton fiber strands eliminating strangulation issues.

ALPHA-twist™ is also offered pre-blended in our PLUS line of bedding materials:

See complete laboratory analysis of ALPHA+Plus™

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Please contact us at 800-382-5001 to see if ALPHA-twist
might be the perfect bedding for your facility.