Bedding Dispensing Systems

Thank you for your interest in our SSP Bedding Dispensing Systems, please fill out this information request. Please indicate if you would like to view our on-line Video Demonstration our our systes .Also you can contact us at: 888-388-5001.

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Semi-Automated System
Manual Activated Bedding Dispensing

Automated Bedding System
Features cage inverting, filling and stacking

Automated Bulk Bedding System
Features cage inverting, filling, stacking and bulk bag bedding storage and handling.

Online Video Demonstration of the Automated Bedding Systems
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Number of cages needed to be filled PER DAY in the System:
< 500 cages 500-1000 cages 1000-2000 cages
2000-3000 cages > 3000 cages

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New Facility Renovation New Tunnel Washer Existing Tunnel Washer

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