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Laboratory Animal Bedding Material
with the Added Value of Enrichment for Nesting

The animals transform the mini-rolls into a soft nesting material combined with Shepherd's™ Cob.

Eliminate the additional cost for adding nesting materials to the cage. Shepherd's™ Cob + PLUS™ combines both bedding and nesting materials all in one. Mini-rolls of multi-layered virgin paper cut into short lengths are added to give the animals nesting material which enhances their
nest building instincts.

This is a two for one advantage, you get all the benefits of the Industry’s leading
premium laboratory animal bedding material - PLUS Enrichment.

• Superior Sanitation: Shepherd's™ Cob is dried in our driers to a lower moisture content than any other cob bedding material on the market. Our target moisture content during manufacturing is
5% by weight while other manufacturers dry their product to 8 to 10%. Lower moisture content
means our processing more effectively kills bacteria, yeast, mold and coliforms.

• Excellent Absorbency: Lower moisture content means Shepherd's™ Cob
will absorb more liquid by volume than other similar bedding materials.

• Exceptional Ammonia Control: Corn cob bedding has been shown in
several studies to control ammonia inmicro-isolation caging better than
wood and some recycled paper bedding materials.

• Consistent Material: Shepherd's™ Cob + PLUS is made from 100% natural
corn cob with all foreign matter removed. It is biodegradable and easily

• Available in Several Forms: Shepherd's™ Cob is available in our
standard 1/4" and 1/8" grades in 35 pound autoclavable bags as well
as bulk sacks. We also offer both grades irradiated in 35 pound
bags and bulk sacks.

Request Literature and Samples.

Please contact us at 800-382-5001 to see if Shepherd's Cob + Plus™
might be the perfect bedding for your facility.