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Premium Laboratory Animal Bedding
that is Clean, More Absorbent and
Economical Right Out of the Bag

Shepherd's™ ALPHA-dri®, made from alpha cellulose, is a loose animal bedding of exceptional absorbency and precisely defined composition


A true manufactured bedding that is absolutely defined, always consistent.

• Assured variable control - Defined composition assures accurate control of variables, which makes ALPHA-dri ideal for GLP research.

• Dust elimination - Sanitary and virtually dustless, ALPHA-dri® reduces cross contamination, filter clogging and problems of dust adherence to animals.

• Cost reduction - Approximately ten times as absorbent as wood chips, ALPHA-dri does more with less material. What's more, its rapid evaporation means it stays dry longer. Since you need less material to do the same job, ALPHA-dri reduces storage space and cuts maintenance time and labor.

• Improved animal observation - Bright, white color aids in animal observation. Discharges and lab spills are readily noticeable.

Static elimination - No static means no troublesome bridging in dispensing equipment.

Availability - ALPHA-dri is supplied in technical, irradiated, and individually batch-certified grades.

Uniform Particle Size - ALPHA-dri is manufactured with our strict quality control at our

Packaging - Both certified and technical grades are packaged in high strength autoclavable bags.

Fast, easy ordering - For more information, prices or samples of our specialty products for laboratory and animal care, see your nearest Shepherd distributor today. Or call toll-free 800/382-5001.

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Can the Cleanest Bedding Material Also be the Most Economical?

The Answer is, Yes!

• ALPHA-dri® is comprised of pure, virgin paper cellulose which is virtually free of confounding contaminants.

• For this reason, ALPHA-dri® is suitable to use right out of the bag for most studies.

• Bedding materials comprised of harvested by-products like corn cob and wood chips usually require autoclaving or irradiation treatments to reduce biological contaminants to acceptable levels.

• Contaminants like Mycotoxins and Endotoxins are still present in corn cob and wood bedding materials despite either sanitization treatment.

• Autoclaving bedded cages can cost as much or more than the bedding itself.

• ALPHA-dri® absorbs 300% of its own weight which is 5 times more absorbent than some grades of corn cob.

• Superior absorbency means the quantity of bedding needed per cage can be significantly reduced.

What You Need to Know!

Recent Studies indicate corn cob and hardwood bedding materials are naturally contaminated with potentially study disrupting substances. These contaminants resist heat, autoclaving and irradiationtreatments.

Your animals have more contact with their
bedding material than any other housing
component. Consider these points:

• Estrogenic Mycotoxins derived from naturally
occurring fungi are present in all corn cob
bedding material. Mycotoxins have been shown to affect reproduction rates and potentially disrupt endocrine related studies.

• Endotoxins derived from gram-negative
bacteria are present in corn cob and hardwood
bedding. Endotoxins may affect immunological
and respiratory studies.

For more information regarding the endotoxin and mycotoxin articles, please email your request to:

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