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Bedding Dispensing

We understand bedding dispensing...

We handle it every day

Our system gives you the greatest return on your investment.


We at Shepherd Specialty Papers have been manufacturing and handling bedding material in our own production facilities for over 25 years. Filling bags of bedding is quite similar to filling cages, although on a much larger scale. We are excited to offer our years of material handling knowledge and experiences to the Laboratory Animal Research Industry through our unique and revolutionary bedding dispensing system


Now more than ever, automation projects must involve intelligent design. Doing more with less is all about designing equipment that maximizes your productivity and efficiency at a cost that fits your budget.

Fully Automated Systems

These systems are integrated with the clean side of the tunnel washer. The system stages cages, and maintains maximum throughput. Cages inverted prior to filling system that can be installed with the following options: Cage Stacking, Bulk Bag Bedding Storage and Handling.

Semi Automated Systems

This system provides facilities witth accurate and efficient bedding dispensing where space is limited.


We can customize our system based on work flow patterns, cage volumes, and capital

budget requirements. A facility can choose from a stand alone bedding dispenser to an

automated cage handling system with a remote bulk bag bedding handling apparatus.


Improved Work Flow:

Our system not only improves the productivity of the cage wash area, it is designed with

staff ergonomics in mind.


Superior Dust Collection:

Airborne dust is a common problem for the staff and animals in a research facility. Our

system limits the amount of dust created from the system itself while effectively capturing

the dust that may remain in the bedding material.


Accurate Bedding Dispensing:

Bedding materials are one of the most expensive supplies used in a research facility today. Controlling the exact amount of bedding per cage, and replicating the volume across all cages in the facility, is not only proper from a research integrity standpoint, it is a way to assure exact bedding costs per cage. A small variation in the amount of bedding used per cage can add up to tens of thousands dollars over the course of a year.


Works With All Bedding Materials:

We are firm believers that the research goals and requirements of a facility should determine

the type of bedding material used – not a piece of equipment. Our system utilizes mechanical agitation and gravity assisting technologies to eliminate bridging and other dispensing problems. We guarantee our system will work with ALPHA-dri® and other non-free flowing bedding materials.


Quick Change Cage Change Overs:

Our system stores over 20 bedding quantities or “recipes” to allow for quick cage size or

bedding quantity change over.

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