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Cellu-nest™ Details

Research Integrity

Cellu-nest is an excellent, cost effective option that supports research goals.



  • Clean Paper Pulp Based
    Cellu-nest is manufactured from paper pulp used in human food grade applications
  • Clean and Consistent
    Consistent and clean paper pulp results in low microbial and chemical contaminants.  
  • Not Manufactured from Harvested Materials
    Wood Chips and corn cobs are manufactured from harvested materials that vary significantly in chemical composition, bulk density and microbial load.

Animal Health & Welfare

Research animals give their lives for the advancement of science. In return, we at Shepherd believe it is our duty to provide bedding material that encourages species specific behaviors and overall health.

Cellu-nest is an exceptional bedding choice in support of this lofty goal.

  • Soft and comfortable
    The soft, fluffy paper pulp pieces of Cellu-nest are much more comfortable than other bedding materials made from wood or corn cob
  • Promotes Instinctive Behaviors
    Large, soft pieces promote burrowing and natural nest building activities
  • Quick Wicking Rate
    Moisture is quickly wicked and absorbed by the bedding material leaving the animals clean and dry
  • Highly Absorbent
    Cellu-nest absorbs over 6 times its own weight
  • 99.9% Dust-Free

Operational Productivity

Bedding material is crucial to the health and welfare of the animals and the research goals of the investigators. However, bedding material must also be able to be utilized effectively and efficiently within a large scale research facility.

Cellu-nest’s unique characteristics and overall performance supports economical facility wide usage.


  • Bedding and Nesting Enrichment – Combined
    The unique characteristics of Cellu-nest make it an effective bedding and nesting material combined without the extra labor or cost of adding supplemental nesting material
  • Economical Price Point
  • Extended Cage Changes
  • The superb absorbency of Cellu-nest enables extended cage changes
  • Stays Together When Wet
    Cellu-nest is comprised of high wet strength pulp that does not disintegrate when wet
  • Easy to Handle
    Cellu-nest has a low bulk density resulting in light weight, easy to handle bags
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