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Enviro-dri® Details

Research Integrity

Nesting material and bedding is a controllable research variable that research animals are exposed to 24/7.

Other nesting materials are comprised of variable materials and inconsistent in composition may impact the integrity of valuable research.

Enviro-dri® is an excellent choice to ensure the elimination of confounding variables from nesting materials.


  • Ensures Outstanding Thermoregulation
    Enviro-dri is easily manipulated into excellent dome-shaped nests that increase its insulative properties and results in better thermoregulation for the animals. An animal is a better research model when it can efficiently regulate its body temperature.
  • Always Consistent
    Enviro-dri® is a controlled, manufactured product made up of clean and consistent 100% virgin kraft paper fibers which assures control of variables from nesting materials.
  • No Limb Entanglement
    Since Enviro-dri is made of 100% paper, the limb entanglement that is possible from the threads commonly found in other compressed cotton nesting materials will be eliminated when you choose Enviro-dri.
  • Superior Low Dust Levels
    Enviro-dri® is made of cleanly cut 1/8-inch strips of paper 3 layers thick, which means dust is virtually eliminated. Respiratory ailments and other problems resulting from competing compressed cotton squares are eliminated by using Enviro-dri®.

Animal Health & Welfare

Research animals give their lives for the advancement of science. In return, we at Shepherd believe it is our duty to provide bedding and nesting material that encourages species specific behaviors and overall health.

Enviro-dri® is an effective nesting additive in support of this formidable goal.


  • Rodents Build A Complex High Quality Nest
    Enviro-dri’s unique 3 ply crimped strips of paper allow mice to weave it into a complex, multilayered nest. Recent studies show that nests constructed from Enviro-dri received the highest dome-shaped score.
  • Amplify Species Specific Behaviors
    Enviro-dri allows laboratory mice to build similar nests built by their wild counterparts
  • Made Easy for Custom Dosing
    Enviro-dri is packaged in a loose form which allows animal care staff to custom dose the nesting material where needed related to specie, strain or cage densities.
  • A Safe Nesting Choice
    Other nesting materials contain long strands of cotton fibers that can cause strangulation issues. Enviro-dri is made from dust-free paper which eliminates strangulation concerns and other health issues from dusty materials

Operational Productivity

Nesting material is crucial to the health and welfare of the animals and the research goals of the investigators. However, it must also be able to be utilized effectively and efficiently within a large scale research facility.

Enviro-dri’s economical cost and unique characteristics and overall performance supports facility wide usage.


  • Packed Loosely; Easy For Custom Dosing
    Enviro-dri is packaged in a loose form which allows animal care staff to alter the dosing of the material to suit each specific nesting need.
  • Most Economical Nesting Material
    Enviro-dri costs only pennies per cage making it the most economical nesting materials available today. One box of Enviro-dri can provide enrichment for over 1400 standard mouse cages.
  • Virtually Dust free
    Lower dust levels mean there is less dust to filter and control within the facility and the cage wash areas
  • Available in Two Grades and Irradiated
    Enviro-dri is available in either natural or white grades of paper, both of which are packaged in 10 or 25 pound cartons. Both grades are available irradiated within a plastic bag inside each carton
  • Easy Disposal
    Enviro-dri is easily incinerated for easy, economical disposal
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