Standard Laboratory Animal Bedding that is More Absorbent Right Out of the Bag


Paperchip offers facilities an environmentally conscious and economical bedding option that is manufactured from recycled materials.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Paperchip is manufactured from 100 percent recycled materials including recycled newspapers, corrugated boxes, and wood chips. 

  • Low Dust Levels

The recycled materials used in manufacturing Paperchip are pelletized and aspirated to create an extremely low dust bedding material.

  • Available in Two Grades

Paperchip is available in two grades, Pelleted, and Soft versions.  Pelleted is our standard grade and the Soft version has a shorter pellet.

  • Excellent Litter Pan Option

Paperchip’s high bulk density and excellent absorbency make it an exceptional choice for litter pans used with cats, ferrets, and other larger animals.

  • Easy Disposal

Paperchip is compostable and is easily incinerated. 



Our Products

Not only do our products promote research integrity and enhance animal welfare, but they also are designed to assist our customers in operating an efficient and cost-effective research program. With a variety of options for bedding and enrichment, SSP offers everything you need for Excellence in the Cage.

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Why SSP?

When you use bedding or enrichment products from SSP, you can be sure they’ve been subject to stringent standards through our Continuous Monitoring program. Let us show you what consistent, quality products look like for you and your animals. In-depth analysis reports for each of our products are available to all of our customers.

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Shepherd Specialty Papers has been family owned and operated for over 30 years, and we take pride in the unparalleled quality of our products, and our people. When you choose SSP, you are choosing award-winning products that are used in cutting edge studies by the largest research companies around the world.

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