Meet the SSP Team

Joel Shepherd III

President and owner

Joel was in high school when his father, Joel II, bought the original business from the Upjohn company in 1981. Joel joined the company over 30 years ago as a Sales Representative for the Mid-Atlantic area, shortly after graduating from Indiana University in 1987. He broadened his entrepreneurial skills through his years of interactions and experiences with numerous customers and groundbreaking trendsetters in the industry. Joel eventually managed all sales for the company, rising to the company President. He acquired the company from his father in 2005 and has sustained a true passion for SSP. He has a core commitment and orientation to excellence. Joel loves animals and the opportunity to contribute to the valuable endeavor of biomedical research. He has a clear understanding that the company’s products positively impact the integrity of research of their customers, welfare of their animals, and the operation of their facilities. Joel has a deep appreciation for his talented team’s contribution to these endeavors, and he considers them to be family. Joel is often with one of his kids on the golf course or somewhere on the water fly fishing in the summer. Along with his wife, Trish, he is also an active equestrian parent to his daughter Katie. In the fall and winter, he is often in Maine, bird hunting or skiing. Joel has been an active coach in several sports throughout the years. He currently coaches his local high school alpine ski racing team and serves as the President of one of the Massachusetts ski racing leagues.

First Team

Mark Cross

Plant Manager

Mark is the newest member of the Shepherd team in Tennessee as the...

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Kent Cripps

Operations Manager

Kent is easily our team member with the most remarkable...

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Larry Watkins

Assistant Manager

Larry joined Shepherd 20 years ago as a machine operator...

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Kerri Waters

Director of Supply Chain & Customer Service

Joel first met Kerri 7 years ago...

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Sarah Tobey

Marketing Coordinator

Sarah has been working for Shepherd for 2 years now...

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René Ketelsen

Regional Sales Manager

René came to work at Shepherd...

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Dina Waddell


One of Dina’s first jobs in 1980 after graduation from...

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Bob Bentzinger

International Sales Manager and Technical Advisor

Bob has been a crucial Shepherd Specialty Paper team...

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Terry Burns-Heffner

Business Development Manager

Terry joined Shepherd seven years ago and brings nearly 40 years...

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Daniel Lonergan

Manufacturing, Order Entry, and Warehouse Assistant

Dan joined the Shepherd team in the 2022...