Standard Laboratory Animal Bedding that is More Absorbent Right Out of the Bag


ALPHA-dri ® + PLUS™ – Vacuum Packaged Irradiated

ADP VAC-PAC is an all-in one bedding and enrichment material that minimizes potential introduction of contaminants. Irradiation treatment and vacuum packaging provides a virtually contaminant and microbial-free bedding for germ-free mice which helps maintain bio-security.

• Irradiation provides good microbial control, eliminating the need for autoclaving

• The indicator strip on the package is orange before irradiation and turns red after treatment.

• ALPHA-dri PLUS bedding contains no endotoxins or mycotoxins, reducing the risk of compromising animal well-being.

• Vacuum packaged in small quantities helps ease of handling and access into isolators/ change stations.

• Each package contains 2.2 lbs. or 1.9 Kg. of bedding, enough to fill 8 to 9 cages.

• Product integrity is quickly verified by inspecting the package.


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