Techsorb has no odor controlling chemicals and can be used for all types of research programs including GLP and toxicology. It soaks up liquids like a sponge and offers many convenient advantages.

Super Absorbency- Techsorb is so absorbent that in fact, it is recommended for use under larger animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, dogs & non-human primates.

Special Wicking Action- Techsorb’s effective capillary action is why moisture spreads evenly throughout the sheet- instead of puddling or running off.

Greater Economy- Techsorb cuts animal care costs because it lasts up to twice as long as other cage liners. Fewer replacements, means easier cage maintenance and lower labor costs.

Easier Handling- Sheets are thin but rigid enough for easy moving and handling.

Space Savings- Techsorb takes less space than other materials and allows more compact disposal.

Bright White Surface- Techsorb’s textured white surface reflects light, brightening cages and making bodily fluids readily noticeable.

Custom Sizing- Like all of our other cage/pan liners, Techsorb can be custom-cut. Lead times on custom items may vary, please contact us for more details.


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Not only do our products promote research integrity and enhance animal welfare, but they also are designed to assist our customers in operating an efficient and cost-effective research program. With a variety of options for bedding and enrichment, SSP offers everything you need for Excellence in the Cage.

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Why SSP?

Shepherd Specialty Papers has been family owned and operated for over 30 years, and we take pride in the unparalleled quality of our products, and our people. When you choose SSP, you are choosing award-winning products that are used in cutting edge studies by the largest research companies around the world.

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When you use bedding or enrichment products from SSP, you can be sure they’ve been subject to stringent standards through our Continuous Monitoring program. Let us show you what consistent, quality products look like for you and your animals. In-depth analysis reports for each of our products are available to all of our customers.

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