Introducing a Better, Cleaner, Nesting Enrichment Additive.

Enhanced Environmental Enrichment

ALPHA nest appeals to rodents’ natural behavior of nest building. It’s long cotton fibers allow for easy shredding and manipulation. While possessing the same mass as other nesting products, the density of ALPHA nest require more time to shred and manipulate. This enhances the enrichment value for the animal.

Unparalleled Cleanliness
ALPHA nest is much cleaner than its competitors. It is manufactured from 100% bleached cotton staple fibers to exacting standards. Please refer to the technical specifications for composition and contaminant information.

Helps with Grinding Problems
ALPHA Nest’s hard nature provides rodents with food grinding problems, an alternative point of focus and material to chew rather than wasting food.

Low dust levels
Extremely long, 100% cotton staple fibers eliminate the potential for airborne dust after shredding.

Labor Savings
Fewer repetitive motion injuries. Unlike other products, ALPHA Nest is fully pre-cut for easy dispensing. And Because ALPHA Nest sheets are less than 1/16″ thick, technicians can fit them in cages with wire lids in place, resulting in significant time savings.

Eliminates Limb Entanglement
Cotton threads commonly found in competing cotton nesting additives, have been shown to cause limb entanglement problems, specifically with pups. ALPHA Nest does not contain these threads to cause any entanglement issues.

The sheets are cut to size to fit standard shoe-box cages, allowing for quick and easy cage filling. The long, absorbent fibers also dump out of soiled cages easily. This allows for better use of valuable labor resources.

ALPHA Nest is easily autoclaved. It is also available irradiated. Custom sizes are available upon request.

ALPHA Nest is available in 3″ x 3″ squares. They are packaged in sealed plastic bags within 2,000- count cartons.

Reduced storage
One small carton of ALPHA Pads will bed the same quantity of cages as four bags of bedding.


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