Premium Laboratory Animal Bedding that is Clean, More Absorbent and Economical Right Out of the Bag

ALPHA-dri® + PLUS™

ALPHA-dri PLUS is composed of perfectly proportioned amounts of ALPHA-dri virgin paper pulp cellulose and ALPHA-twist, our twisted, multi-layered paper nesting enrichment. **Also available Irradiated and Certified**

Get the best of both worlds with our pre-proportioned bedding PLUS enrichment!

Our Commitment to Excellence In The Cage

Research Integrity

Why settle for bedding that contains confounding contaminants like Mycotoxins and Endotoxins?

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Animal Health and Welfare

It is our duty to provide bedding & enrichment materials that encourage specie specific behaviors and overall health.

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Operational Productivity

ALPHA-dri PLUS’ pre-proportioned combination allows bedding and enrichment to be efficiently dispensed into cages in one step.

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