Analysis Reports

These reports are confidential and are provided to our customers to meet their quality control requirements.

Shepherd Specialty Papers remains unmatched in our commitment to provide a full line of quality products-specifically manufactured for the animal care industry.

Only Shepherd has the “Continuous Monitoring” program. This means you receive the highest quality products-every time. All of our cage liners, bedding and enrichment products are closely inspected throughout the manufacturing process to meet the strictest specifications for quality, weight, consistency and cleanliness. No other company in our industry can make that claim.

Don’t risk a study failure by settling for poor quality or contamination in look-alike products with lower prices. All Shepherd products are subjected to the same stringent standards-and that means consistent, quality product for you and your animals.

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Bedding resources


ALPHA-dri® + PLUS™


Cellu-nest™ High Density

Shepherd’s™ Cob + PLUS

Shepherd’s™ Specialty Blend®

Enrichment Resources




Enviro-dri® White

Shepherd Shack® Backless